Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I just gave the site a bath, if you will, and changed the background. The white is so much easier on my eyes! 

Photo: Getty Images

The Good Book Goes Green

This morning I was reading in Time mag about a new Bible being released by HarperCollins. It "calls attention to more than 1,000 verses related to nature by printing them in a pleasant shade of forest green, much as red-letter editions of the Bible encrimson the words of Jesus." I'm not quite sure what I think about this. Of course the primary message of the Bible is not about how to treat creation, but rather about the saving gospel of Christ, and I do not agree with eco-evangelist Matthew Sleeth's statement "that 'creation care'--the Christian catchphrase for nature conservancy--'is at the very core of our Christian walk.'" But is is interesting to note all the references to nature and gardening in the Bible. Find the full story here.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Beautiful image from the Herb Lubalin Archive in NY. Found at Double-Triple.


Today I stumbled upon the website of Double-Triple, a "Brooklyn-based art and design studio of Jason Quinn Corace, Dana McClure & Phillip Niemeyer." They have such clever work. Love the media they use, too.

Katherine Dunn/Red Canoe

I was browsing the AIGA site today and saw this website from the design archives featured on the home page. Site for Katherine Dunn, illustrator, by Red Canoe, 2000. Featured in the archives here.
I love her illustration and the way it's presented. Love the focus on nature. I'm in the middle of designing/thinking about my own website, so this serves as some inspiration. Sometimes I want it to be very clean, minimal, and almost stark, with an edge (Swiss, almost) but other times I want to go wild with the handmade and make it very illustrated.

Edited 9/23: I don't know; now I'm looking at these again and almost getting tired of them already. I would like it better if it were purely an illustration, and not trying to be a website. Too much!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cool New Artist: Kathryn Van Dyke

So, I've been posting a lot of things seen on The Look See lately! Love Kathryn Van Dyke's work--the negative space, the intense wild color in small doses.


Found this on The Look See

Simple Pleasures

This looked like a cool event. Showcased "independent publishing and experimentation in zine making from Los Angeles and behind" with discussion "exploring topics such as the role of accessible art, modern book design and means of content development."

Cool New Artist: Benbo George

love it. see his more on his site here