Monday, October 27, 2008

Kentuck, cont'd

Kentuck Festival

last weekend I went to the Kentuck Festival of the Arts in Tuscaloosa, a folk art festival that occurs every year. My camera battery was dead, but I pulled a sampling of some of the work from their website. I really liked a lot of it. Some of it, we were discussing, felt like the artists were just trying to copy Howard Finster (see more here) instead of doing what came naturally...lots of angels in his style, etc. But overall there was really good work, and great exposure for lots of local artists.

I really like the work by the third artist shown here, Paul Andrews. He used photos on transparent film with pieces of fabric and other mixed media...very specific compositions created with very minimal materials...showing the upper body of a bird as a photo on a transparency, and creating the tail with a fabric swatch positioned in a specific way.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Rebecca Thuss

I love this work by Rebecca Thuss.
Love her website, the way her mark changes, and all of her photo styling, creative direction, etc.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby update

It's time for a new post about my baby cousins! I have four of them now: Meg (almost 2) Alex (5 1/2 mo) Grayson (3 mo) and the newest babe, Reid Strother Holt, born about a month ago.

Here are some pics of Kathryn with Grayson and Alex, and Alex as a monkey.

Happy Birthday, Luke!

Luke's 24th b'day was yesterday, Oct. 8. We're having a party this weekend to celebrate. happy birthday, baby!

I got this cute image from veer. (WPF0009636_P)

Cool New Artist: Kim Holtermand

I love these dreamlike images by Kim Holtermand, and the juxtaposition of natural and manmade in such an atmospheric, curious way.

19th Century Pocket Diarists Collection

Last night Holly and I went to this exhibit at Hoole Library in Tuscaloosa. The diaries were beautiful. The lecturer said that these pocketbooks were as common as checkbooks or wallets or planners are today, and that virtually nothing had been written on them as objects or artifacts. They usually contained an almanac, a diary, and a ledger, and often a pen loop. Many of the diaries were from the civil war. See more pictures here and here. The project began with the work of Larry Lou Foster, a graduate of U of Alabama's MFA Program in the Book Arts, to which I applied, was accepted, and deferred. I am thinking the timing might be better when Luke will be out of dental school and I might not need to commute. 

I also took a few pictures of my own and need to upload them.