Friday, May 29, 2009

paperwhite studio

I'm helping my friend laura brand her cake business and am designing her a biz card right now. So lately I've been researching cakes, bakeries, etc... and one direction I'm thinking about is doing an ornate, kinda stylized cake with my calligraphy pen. Came across this beautiful website and work. Some of her lettering is is kind of hallmark-y, but some is really nice..especially the logos. And I think the site design is nice.

paperwhite studio

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mac Shack II

...and round one, per my clients' (dad and Thompson) copy edit comments and worry that it looked metrosexual and read "Iran Men" (you can guess which one made that comment). I tweaked the o's previous to my earlier post.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mac Shack sign

Sign I am doing to over the Mac Shack at mom and dad's house out by their pond. My dad's small Bible study group of fathers and sons meets out there once a week. Now the boys are all growed up! Most of them are finishing up their freshman year of college, including my little brother. I designed an Iron Men logo for them last summer. The Mac Shack is named after my grandfather, Lloyd F. "Mac" McMurtrie.

Osborne and Little wallpaper

Osborne and Little has some nice wallpaper. Southern Living [June 09--just got the issue at SPC, so doubt that it's out yet) did a piece called "a better bedside table" and used Benvarnden (shown first here) The colors were much, much less pink in the mag [the orange was really golden, etc) and I liked them better there, so I'm not sure which is more accurate. Nonetheless, it's a nice print. So are the others.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Vintage paper dolls, etc

Some pretty little ones for your enjoyment. Found them all over the web.

And check out this French site bibigreycat with lots of neat illustrations.


I really like this typeface Memoriam featured in my newsletter from MyFonts a week or so ago. Love the hairlines. Here's some background.

The tradition at the New York Times magazine has been to dedicate the year’s last issue to the people who passed away during the year, especially those whose lives have affected us. Art director Nancy Harris Rouemy, whose typographic design sense has earned her many prestigious awards over the years, decided on an all-type magazine cover for the 2008 issue, and commissioned Canada Type to do a new typeface especially for that project. Now Memoriam is finally here in retail form—not least because hundreds of people have asked for it.
Though a few other Canada Type faces were used in the magazine with great results over the preceding months (mainly Ambassador Script and Sympathique), Nancy thought a some of the ideas in Jezebel's uppercase and Treasury's lowercase would be a good fit onto an all-type commemorative cover, but with a much higher contrast and the infusion of a more luxurious and elegant brand of poster calligraphy that doesn't date itself. After a few different attempts, the first shapes were born, and six weeks later there were enough forms to do the cover. The typeface was such a success with the editors and designers, it was used all over the magazine, instead of just the cover.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Point: AIGA Colorado Education Journal

I found this journal on AIGA's website yesterday. You can download each issue in its entirety. It's really nice. Here's the cover and a few spreads from issue one. Go here to learn more and download more.