Saturday, February 26, 2011

Presto Chango part deux: Pink Meets Nest

A few weeks ago I did a presto chango on my great-grandmother's bench. It had been sitting at the foot of our bed for years, and I FINALLY livened it up with some new fabric, lots more batting, and a fresh coat of semi-gloss. Gosh, it was good for my soul!

Well, I've been wanting to do something to our breakfast room (dining room) for a long time now. We had actually left it the color it was when we moved in, and had kept the drapes that were here, too. They really started getting to me. I love fresh rooms---sea glass and Swedish colors: pale greys, blues, greens, and shell pinks, topped off with lots of white and paired with clean-lined, textural, industrial furniture (and beautiful family heirlooms) when I can afford it.

So Thursday my mom came down to see "me" (a.k.a. Charlotte!) and we had a fun day going around town. We went to the fabric store with the intention of looking at fabric for new drapes for the dining room, but as we were getting back into the car, I said that I'd really like to paint the room pink. So we went back in the store, looked at fabric again, and then went to Home Depot to buy a lovely, pale, glowing shade of shell pink flat paint. Thursday night and Friday morning I gave the little room two coats and voila! A breath of fresh air! Bye bye ugly green paint and gross curtains!

after! I love the way the color of the wood shines next to the pink.

Even Charlotte likes it!

It is a little bare right now, but I do like the spareness of it. Next stop: new light fixture and curtains. 
I'd like to put in some kind of pendant light fixture that contrasts with the wall color. Either something industrial or some kind of white, modern orb.
Pottery Barn Exeter 5-Jar Pendant

love these chrome fixtures! Maybe too much bling for my little room, but I'm keeping these in mind for my future dream house.

Ballard Designs Eldridge Pendant

I want the curtains to be clean and fresh and not too girly. Check out the fabric I'm looking at now. Which is your favorite?
Graphic flowers on a natural white. Cool, or too frilly?

Love the cleanness of this.

LOVE this fabric, but is it too old-lady with the pink? Maybe I should use it for pillows somewhere else?

This fabric is by Anna Maria Horner. I love it!!

So that's what's new around here. 

When people think of pink, they usually love it or they hate it. What about you? Have I turned you on to the power of pink?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happiest Valentine's Day

This year's Valentine's Day was filled with more love than we knew we had. Charlotte has opened up a whole new section of our hearts with a whole new kind of love. 

To get in the spirit, I made a heart garland for our picture window. And it's not too pink and red, so I'm leaving it up for a long time! 

Luke and I made valentine's cards for each other. He wrote the absolute best note in his card to me. He always does.

Charlotte so thoughtfully made Luke a valentine. 

And I carved our initials in a piece of "wood." 

 Hope you were surrounded by love this Valentine's Day!