Tuesday, January 4, 2011

She's heeeere!

Well in case you've wondered where I've been the past couple of months, the answer is here. At home, with my new baby. She keeps me busy!

Charlotte Bethea Powell was born six days late on October 21, 2010 at 3:15 pm. She was long and lean at 6 pounds 6 ounces and 20.5 inches, and she still is. Even her fingers and toes are long and graceful--she has "long, slender feet," as my grandmother said of my feet when I was a baby. In fact, she had almost the same measurements I did when I was born. I was 6 pounds even and 20.5 inches and came 2.5 weeks early, so had we both been born around the same day in relation to our due dates, we might have had exactly the same stats.

one day old
coming home!

three days old

with Granddarling (my mom)

in her room

Little Charlotte has big, wide set eyes, a cute little nose, and a pretty, full mouth. Her ears are very closely related to Luke's, but hers flop out at the top and not as much at the bottom, like flower petals. She looks like a little fairy baby.

getting ready for Thanksgiving

with Uncle Thompson (my brother)

Merry Christmas!

Her cry isn't very loud most of the time, and often she squeaks like a little mouse. Nowadays she smiles a lot. Her smile wraps across her whole face--so much glee! She is fascinated by her mobile and enthralled by lights and ceiling fans, and now the TV, too, and she has started holding on to her rattles more. She loves sleeping with her hands by her face or above her head.  Lately she's more aware of noises and strange people, and sometimes they scare her. She pouts when she's scared--pokes that bottom lip out like a cartoon character.

Charlotte is such a delight, and she changes all the time. 

I worked and worked on her birth announcement, and finally I finished it and sent them out! Here's the final product:

Handwritten with my calligraphy pen. Printed on a house dull bright white cover stock. Envelopes: Modtone in Blush by French Paper. Liners: Garden Roses wrapping paper via Paper Source. Labels: 2.5" round labels in eco-white via Paper Source. Printing by Communications Arts, Birmingham. Photography by Laura Rowe Photography.