Wednesday, January 21, 2009

HOW conference, etc

Yesterday I got a mailer for the HOW design conference in Austin (great mailer, too, by the way). It looks like a really great event. Too bad it costs so much $$$!

In other news, I've been feeling a little non-creative and non-talented and am trying to work in these areas because I hate feeling that way. It's the new year and I've got a few new ideas perculating and new resolutions, some art-related, but some life-related. Here they are....

1. I want to shoot my work and finally get my website up. It's designed, just needs the photos and I need to write a little copy for a few areas on the site.
2. I'd like to buy a screen and start exploring screenprinting as well as continue working with lino block printing and watercolor. In general, I'd like to explore and improve my illustration skills and techniques. I'd also like some more freelance work and feel like Huntsville might be a good place to start talking to people, since that's where I'm from and people know me there. (Good suggestion, Luke)
3. I want to hang our new hammock in the backyard and go outside a lot when spring gets here.
4. I want to spend more time with the Lord in the morning. So far I've been making my own cappuccinos in the a.m. and thus saving money at the coffeeshop and saving time to pray and read the Bible.
5. I want to lose 10 pounds and so far it's going good!


Stephen said...

What kind of freelance work are you looking for (in case I hear about something)?

Sarah Robins said...

anything, really, but primarily print and not web. (i dont know how to do programming for the web). posters, identity (logos, stationery suites, etc), invitations, announcements, books, book covers, etc. Thanks for keeping an eye out.