Friday, July 2, 2010

Palladian Blues

Today I was off work for the 4th of July, and Luke and I painted the baby's room! We used Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue, and I can now safely say that nearly my entire house is blue...just the way I like it!

Thursday night we moved all the guest room furniture out and the baby things in. I tested out the paint on our butter-yellow wall... it was a perfect pale blue-green.

This morning, we went on a walk and then we got to work. Luke did the cutting in and I did the rolling. 

And voila! Our beautiful new baby's room! You can see the mismatched chair and ottoman I picked up at the Jr. League garage sale and had recovered. I painted that little desk a glossy white and got milk glass handles for it. 

This painting is by my mom--it is of my playhouse that Dad built it for me when I was little. The playhouse used to be pink. Funny enough, it's now Palladian blue.

(Here's the playhouse today! Back in action!)

Here I am cooking dinner at the party kitchen:

We put together the Ikea dresser a few weeks ago, and hung the shelf over girl's "wardrobe"!

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Elizabeth and David said...

Looks great Sarah Robins! It is so much fun finally getting to start on their room! Glad you are having fun, can't wait to see everything in the end!