Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby Bookworm

The other week I got really into finding the perfect baby book for our little girl. I searched high and low and found some great books, but in the end I really wanted one with vintage illustrations, and I bought THREE! Two of them were only a few bucks on E-bay, and the third I got for $20 from SophieHardy on Etsy. And that one isn't even a girl book--it's a book for a baby boy, but I loved it so much I thought that I'd still love it even if I never have a boy.

Anyway, I saw a lot of wonderfully illustrated books when I was searching, so I decided to feature several of them here.

The books above are the ones I bought. (Click image to enlarge):
I'm A Boy :: Vintage baby book from Etsy
Baby's First Diary :: Sweet little vintage book from Ebay. Shaped like a cradle!
Our Baby's Book :: I wish I had more images of this. It's got the best illustrations. 

Above (click image to enlarge):
1. Tony Sarg's Baby's Book :: This book is out of print and I've found a couple of copies of this online. The illustrations are great and the copy is clever, too.
2. Baby Book by Sara Midda :: Charming watercolor illustrations, modern book.
3. All About Baby Journal :: Cute little book with flat color illustrations. 

Above (click image to enlarge):
4. Petit Collage Deluxe baby BOok and Memory Box :: Cute book that comes in a neat box, too. Lots of pattern and lots of pockets and envelopes for storing little things.
5. My First Year by Beatrix Potter :: I've always loved Beatrix Potter's beautiful watercolors and the characters she creates. The baby book mom got for me was by Beatrix Potter, and I was very close to getting this one for our girl.
6. The Big Book of Me :: Contains lots of vintage-style illustrations.

Images from top: Etsy (3); Ebay (5); Flickr (4); Ohdeeoh (2); (2); (7).

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BKE said...

So I totally love the #3 All About Baby Journal... I am bookmarking it! :)