Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Work: March Madness

I've kept busy lately, working on several projects, going to Lodi for my brother-in-law's wedding to my beautiful new sister-in-law, making over the house, as you've seen in my previous post. 

I seem to have done a lot of stationery design recently, as well as a logo project and some apparel design. I haven't gotten the chance to update my portfolio yet, because the admin is being kind of finicky, so I thought I'd post some shots of some recent work here.

I had the opportunity to create a logo for a privately owned brand: Rocket City, Huntsville, Alabama. The client was going for a vintage/retro/comic book feel, which fit the project perfectly, as much of the space exploration was going on during the 60s.

In anticipation of the arrival of Baby Hess, due May 10 to our good friends Adam and Cile, I designed two shower invitations. The second one incorporates an old collage that I never ended up using for its original purpose.

We can't wait for the little babe to get here!

And the most recent stationery I've worked on is for Brad and Cambria, my brother-in-law and newest sister-in-law, for their wedding last Saturday, March 19 in Lodi, CA. I had the pleasure of designing the wedding invitation, program, and label for her candy buffet, as well as a luncheon invitation and the rehearsal dinner invitation. 

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holly said...

this is all great work sr, i love the rocket city logo and the "dutch inspired" baby invite