Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Play Poll: Pick Your Party Kitchen

Let's talk a little about kitchen aesthetics. Some people prefer white country kitchens with painted floors, some like clean, open floorplans and vaulted ceilings, other people love natural cabinets and dark granite countertops and industrial barstools. 

Well, Charlotte told me she likes white and she likes pink. She loves a good clean, Swedish country look, but she is a little girl who likes people to know she's a girl, too! So she's pretty torn about which look to go for in her new kitchen. She'll be unveiling the new look on Christmas Day, but before then, she needs your imput! Which kitchen design should she choose?

KidKraft White Prairie Kitchen

KidKraft Home Cookin' Kitchen

While we're featuring great new kitchen looks, let's not forget about appliances. Here are a few sleek new products that would look great in any kitchen. 

Don't forget about cute linens. Don this checked apron and you'll be whipping up a batch of cookies in no time flat!

I'd like to leave you with this image of such a breathtaking wedding cake. Maybe once Charlotte gets her dream kitchen, she'll have more time to devote to creating beauties like this! Don't forget to cast your vote for Charlotte's kitchen!


Elizabeth and David said...

My vote is for the cute white kitchen! So sweet, but I am sure you can't go wrong with either. What fun she will have playing with it for years to come!

Katie said...

it's hard not to pick that pink one...but there's just something about those hearts on the white one that i love. either way, that toaster is a must have! :)

holly said...

i like the white one, it is so classic and cute

also, the cake is a must, some friends of our have that little cake and it's their daughters favorite toy