Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I'd like to take this moment to humbly brag about pulling the best every April Fool's prank on Luke several minutes ago: the prank that I am pregnant. "I want to pull this prank, too!" you might be saying. Well, I have outlined below the steps necessary to make this your most effective, BEST EVER pregnancy April Fool's joke. 1. Find an image online of a positive pregnancy test on a countertop that is identical to a countertop you have in your own home (seen here: Caesarstone "nougat"). 2. Text pic to your husband and follow up with a phone call. 3. Work up real tears (this might require practice beforehand, or simply the thought of another baby right now might be sufficient). 4. Intersperse repeat phrases of "I am overwhelmed" with meaningful, teary pauses. And there you go! Your victim will fall hard! **Note: prank most effective when you have a baby at home who is still waking in the night and/or small enough to sleep in a mini crib.

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