Sunday, October 11, 2015

Today we got to enjoy time with my wonderful extended family at a reunion in Pine Apple, Alabama. Afterwards we went over to Dellmont, an antebellum house built by my great-grandmother's great-grandfather Robert Yeldell and preserved by my cousins. The house was raided during the war but not burned. After Robert died, his son and daughter-in-law lived there, and cheer was brought back to Dellmont. Said one relative, "Do you recall the grand dance floor at Cousin Janie Yeldell’s? (how beautiful is her home now since its redecoration last summer, so massive and mansion-like!) Do you remember Dr. Joe Childs from Florida and I his partner, in the “Snake Dance” he introduced? When he returned home after summer vacations, Leon Seale and I led the dance. Remember Joe Child’s graceful waltzing, equal to that of Reggar Knight visiting home from Texas and also that of Cousin John Yeldell? Remember Paul Yeldell and I did the schottische? We were the only ones who knew that German dance with its skip and glide to 2/4 measure, so we put on a “floor show.” Some gala times we all had in those years in that home!"

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