Monday, December 5, 2016

Make it: Paper Marbling. Key concepts: color, line, shape. Materials: Large sheet of heavy white paper, shaving cream, food coloring, baking sheet, spatula or credit card for scraping and tools for marbling (such as a butter knife or toothpick). 1. Spread shaving cream into baking sheet. 2. Put drops of food coloring all over the shaving cream, and start marbling! Use your toothpick or knife to make lots of swirls and lines in the shaving cream. 3. Lay the paper gently on the shaving cream and press. Leave for about 30 seconds and pull off. 4. Lay paper flat, with shaving cream side facing up, and scrape off excess shaving cream with spatula. Use a paper towel to get remaining spots if needed. 5. Voila! Use your marbled paper to make a bookmark, book cover, or to cut shapes for another project! // Project idea from

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